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A lot can Happen in 90 Days

A lot can Happen in 90 Days

It's been almost exactly 90 days since I wrote "Where I'm Headed". If you've read it, you know that I started it by stating that this was the first time in 17 years that I would not be actively pursuing a music career. Well, come to find out, that plan didn't last long. 

There has been a lot of things that I have been learning over the past 90 days. I've started a new fitness journey, I learned that I had distrust issues and how to heal them, I've traveled to Chattanooga, Phoenix, and Atlanta, I've had many new clients, I had a photoshoot, I've made new friendships, and among many other things, I've started a non-profit. All the while beautiful little details have been woven throughout all of these big new things. I've faced many challenges along the way, but have been steady to make sure to conquer each one as the come along the way.

I've learned that I can fully trust God with my finances, I can trust him in all decisions and when I am facing indecision, and that I can fearlessly take his hand when he calls me up to an opportunity. Where I see gates of steel, he sees a door. I've felt a lot over the past 90 days that God keeps leaving me these voicemails, and I can either choose to call him back right away, or wait to call him back some other time when it's more convenient to me or when I feel more ready. But in that, I've learned that I trust him so much that I don't want to miss out on the things he is calling me to do, even though they might seem hard, and maybe even...impossible. 

There is a really long beautiful story about how Anchor Our Lives got it's name, so I will save that for a different day. Anchor Our Lives in the name of the non-profit I officially started in March. As some of you may know, back between the age of 17-20 I spoke and performed at high schools and also was a Young Life leader. Over the past 90 days, my fire for mentoring came back and started kicking hard. My desire to go back into schools and talk with students became so strong that it kept my head in the clouds during the day and my mind awake at night. My biggest question was "How?" and of course, the more I prayed, the clearer the answer became. I started writing this new program called Anchor Our Lives. Often times an anchor can be a symbol of something that holds us down, when really, an anchor is what keeps us from drifting away from ourselves. This program is about finding out what our anchors are and how important it is to have anchors in our lives. My new mission is to bring the Anchor Our Lives programs into high schools, middle schools, and other various youth programs. I am also paring my music and performance with it. To say that I am excited is a huge understatement! And the reaffirmations that I have been getting every time I start doubting are so overwhelming that I just know in my heart I can't look back now. 

90 days ago, I was focusing on God, my relationships, hiking and my business. Those were my 4 things. Well, the list has grown tremendously! Doors have been opening that I thought would be cemented closed forever, along with brand new ones opening that I never could have imagined even existed. If we are supposed to be some where or doing something, God will get us there no matter what. Life will get us there. We will get there. That passion we have will always come back to us. It may be in a different shape or form, or in some way we never could have even dreamed of, which is so beautiful. That makes life so beautiful. The twist and turns, and learning how to grow though life, not just go through it. 

If you're struggling with finding purpose or wondering if you should take a risk or a leap of faith, I really encourage you to start writing it all down. Make lists. Put it all on paper. Look at it. Know that nothing is impossible. What would you do if nothing was impossible? Write down everything you want to do in life, everything you'd do if you had three life times. What's important? What isn't? What can wait? What can't? 

Jump. Leap. Fly. 

There is so much I could say about all of the things that have happened in the past 90 days, I could write an entire post for each event. But what I wanted to do tonight is just encourage. There's no time like now, and courage goes a long way. We will never regret taking chances, we will only regret the ones we didn't take. 

I also have a really huge announcement tomorrow that is still honestly blowing my mind that I even get to announce. 

Life is such a journey! It's such a ride! I'm always trying to be the person on the rollercoaster that is throwing their hands in the air and having fun, even though sometimes I am the person with their hands clenched, eyes closed, saying curse words under their breath. hah! :)  

Much love, 


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